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1 (+/-)-2-cis-4-trans-Abscisic acid 99% Alfa/US 100mg
2 Acacia powder “Biochem”. R&M 500g
3 Acenaphthene C.P. (I) R&M 500g
4 ACES “Biochem”.[N-(Acetomido)-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid] (I) R&M 25g
5 Acetamide C.P. (Ethanamide) R&M 500g
6 Acetanilide A.R. (N-Phenylacetamide) (P) R&M 500g
7 Acetate Buffer for chlorine (pH-4) “READIL”. R&M 500ml
8 Acetic Acid glacial A.R. (Ethanoic acid) R&M 2.5Lt
9 Acetic Acid 95% A.R. (Ethanoic acid) R&M 2.5Lt
10 Acetic Acid d4 99.5% Alfa/US 5g
11 Acetic Acid 5% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
12 Acetic Acid 10% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
13 Acetic Acid 30% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
14 Acetic Acid 50% (W/V) R&M 1Lt
15 Acetic Acid 0.05mol/l (0.05N) R&M 1Lt
16 Acetic Acid 0.1mol/l (0.1N) R&M 1Lt
17 Acetic Acid 0.5mol/l (0.5N) R&M 1Lt
18 Acetic Acid 1.0mol/l (1.0N) R&M 1Lt
19 Acetic Alcohol “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
20 Acetoacetanilide C.P. (I) R&M 500g
21 Aceto-Carmine “Biochem”. R&M 100ml
22 Aceto-Orcein “Biochem”. (Connective tissue stain) R&M 100ml
23 Acetone A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
24 Acetone Technical 25Lts
25 Acetone C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
26 Acetone HPLC. R&M 2.5Lt
27 Acetone:Alcohol “READIL”. R&M 500ml
28 Acetonitrile A.R./ACS. (Methyl Cyanide) R&M 2.5Lt
29 Acetonitrile HPLC. R&M 2.5Lt
30 Acetophenone C.P. R&M 500ml
31 Acetophenone C.P. R&M 1Lt
32 Acetylacetone A.R. (2,4-Pentanedione) R&M 500ml
33 Acetylacetone A.R. (2,4-Pentanedione) R&M 2.5Lt
34 Acetylenetetrabromide. (1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane) (I) R&M 500ml
35 N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. (I) R&M 10g
36 o-Acetylsalicylic acid C.P.(Aspirin) (P) R&M 500g
37 N-Acetyl-DL-Tryptophan. (I) R&M 25g
38 Acid Alcohol “READIL”. R&M 1Lt
39 Acid-Fast Staining Kit.(Ziehl-Neelsen Method)(AFS) R&M 1 set
40 Acid Fuchsin C.I.42685 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
41 Acidified Methanol.(0.01% HCl). R&M 1Lt
42 Acidified Molybdate “READIL”. (Silicate Reagent A) R&M 500ml
43 Acridine orange C.I.46005 “RMstain”. (For Electrophoresis) R&M 10g
44 Acriflavin . R&M 25g
45 Acrylamide A.R. R&M 500g
46 Acrylamide for Electrophoresis. (I) R&M 100g
47 Acrylamide4X crystallised for Molecular Biology. (I) R&M 100g
48 30% Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide. ( for electrophoresis) R&M 1Lt
49 40% Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide. ( for electrophoresis) R&M 1Lt
50 Acrylic Acid C.P. (I) R&M 500ml
51 Acrylonitrile stabilised C.P. R&M 500ml
52 Adenine “Biochem”. (I/P) R&M 10g
53 Adenine Sulfate A.R. (I/P) R&M 10g
54 Adenosine. (I/P) R&M 5g
55 Adenosine. (I/P) R&M 25g
56 Adenosine-5'-Diphosphoric acid Trisodium salts. (I/P) R&M 1g
57 Adenosine-5'-Monophosphoric acid sodium salts. (I/P) R&M 5g
58 Adenosine-5'-Triphosphoric acid disodium salts. (I/P) R&M 5g
59 Adipic acid pure. (I) R&M 500g
60 Adonitol “Biochem”. (I) R&M 10g
61 L-Adrenaline A.R. (I/P) R&M 1g
62 L-Adrenaline Bitartrate A.R. (I/P) R&M 5g
63 Aesulin C.P. (I) R&M 5g
64 Agar-Agar “Biochem”. R&M 500g
65 Agar-Agar “Biochem”. R&M 250g
66 Agarose Type A (I) R&M 100g
67 Agarose Type B (I) R&M 100g
68 Agarose Eletrophoresis (Low) (I) R&M 100g
69 Agarose Eletrophoresis (Medium) (I) R&M 100g
70 Agarose Eletrophoresis (High) (I) R&M 25g
71 6x Agarose Gel Loading Dye. R&M 200ml
72 DL-Alanine “Biochem”. (I) R&M 100g
73 L-Alanine “Biochem”. R&M 100g
74 Albert stain No:A “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
75 Albert stain No:B “RMstain”. R&M 500ml
76 Albumin “Biochem”. R&M 250g
77 Albumin “Biochem”. R&M 500g
78 Albumin Mayer's “Biochem”. R&M 100ml
79 Alcian Blue 8Gx for microscopy. R&M 5g
80 Alcian Blue 8Gx1% w/v staining soln. pH 1.2. R&M 100ml
81 Alcohol Absolute 99.7% (Denatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
82 Alcohol Absolute 99.7% (Denatured). A.R. R&M 25Lt
83 Alcohol Absolute 99.8% (Undenatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
84 Alcohol 95%. (Undenatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
85 Alcohol 95%. (Undenatured). A.R. R&M 25Lt
86 Alcohol 95%. (Denatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
87 Alcohol 95%. (Denatured). A.R. R&M 25Lt
88 Alcohol 95% (Denatured). C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
89 Alcohol 95% Technical 25Lts
90 Alcohol 96% (Denatured). C.P. R&M 2.5Lt
91 Alcohol 90% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
92 Alcohol 80% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
93 Alcohol 70% (Denatured). A.R. R&M 2.5Lt
94 Alcohol 30% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
95 Alcohol 1% (V/V) R&M 1Lt
96 Alcoholic Silver Nitrate soln. R&M 500ml
97 Alginic acid C.P. (I) R&M 500g
98 Alizarin pH Indicator C.I. 58000 “RMstain”. R&M 25g
99 Alizarin 0.1% Alcoholic Solution R&M 500ml
100 Alizarine Complexone (I) R&M 1g
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