Certain substances react exothermically thus generating gases. These may even explode on heating. Therefore storage is wet i.e. under water or a suitable solvent.


Avoid impact, Knocks, sparks, friction, fire and heat




Certain substances mainly through oxygen evolution increase the fire hazard and the intensity of a fire.


Avoid contact with flammable substances. Risk of ignition! The substance promotes fire once started and impedes fire fighting.




Certain substances in contact with human body can cause severe damage to health and sometimes be lethal. Especially carcinogenic. teratogenic or mutagenic toxic effects.


All contact with human body should be avoided. Particularly carcinogenic. teratogenic or mutagenic risk associated substances. Seek medical advice, if unwell.




Certain substances in contact with human body cause acute or chronic damage to health especially carcinogenic. teratogenic or mutagenic associated substances. There is risk of sensitization by inhalation.


All contact with the human skin must be avoided particularly attention is drawn to substances having carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic effects.




Liquids with a flash point below 0oC and a boiling point of 35oC below are Extremely Flammable. Liquids with a flash point of 21oC or more and below or equal to 55oC are Flammable.


Keep away from naked flames, sparks and sources of heat.