Certain substances cause total damage to living tissues.


Take special measures to protect eyes, skin and clothes. Do not inhale vapours. Seek medical advice, if unwell.




Certain substance which are in prolonged or repeatedly in contact with the skin may cause inflammation.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale vapours.



Dangerous For Enviroment

Certain substance liberate various things into aquatic environments causing damage to the ecosystems.


Depending on the risk potential do not allow to enter sewerage systems, soil or environment.




Certain substances are subdivided into several categories relative to the nature of radioactivity.


Avoid contact with skin and take proper care of storage.



GHS Carcinogen Sign
Respiratory sensitization, category 1
Germ cell mutagenicity, categories 1A,1B,2
Carcinogenicity, categories 1A,1B,2
Reproductive toxicity, categories 1A,1B,2
Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Single exposure, categories 1,2
Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Repeated exposure, categories 1,2
Aspiration Hazard, category 1